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Veraz Happenings

I had a breakfast meeting with Veraz Networks and they tell me that the Asian market is doing very well. Amit Chawla their EVP, Global Marketing used the words "Very hot" to be specific. Also in attendance was Ed Camarena who gave me lost of insight into where Veraz is headed and their positioning in the market.

One thing the pair kept reiterating is how many switch replacements they are seeing. They credit this to the aging switch population and just the plain old benefits of migrating to packet-based communications. Another interesting point is that carriers aren't waiting to deploy -- the existing carriers that is. Meaning ILECS of course. While there was a wait and see attitude a while back, now it is all about getting VoIP up and running as fast as humanly possible.

The company recently made news when they announced they were mapping their solution to IMS. According to Veraz, they have embraced the modular distributed architecture from the outset so IMS migration is a no brainer for them. To that end, they have a demo in their booth with the following partners providing the following services:


IP Call Center

Mind CTI

Prepaid Services


Prepaid Services




IP Centrex

The point being you can mix and match solutions from multiple vendors to develop best of breed applications and services.

IMS is going to be an interesting technology to watch as t has tremendous promise for the future. There is a tremendous amount of confusion in the market regarding this technology now so keep an eye on TMCnet to learn about how this technology will play out. We are also holding an IMS Summit at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo this October in LA Hope to see you there.

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