VoIP Developer Photos Continued

Funny thing. I saw an article today comparing TMC’s VoIP Developer Conference to MacWorld. I can’t seem to find the link at the moment and Google isn’t cooperating. While I am flattered to even have TMC’s VoIP Developer event be mentioned in the same sentence as Mac World, these are pretty dissimilar shows. Our goal in launching this show was to bring communications developers and partners together so they can rapidly deploy new solutions. We are trying to drastically reduce time to market by getting buyers and sellers together so they can do business with one another.

While TMC’s Internet Telephony Expo will have about 7,500 people attending it this October in Los Angeles, our developer show is targeted at the development community and as such is a smaller and more focused event. This focus has really paid off as the level of conferee I saw these past two days is unrivaled by any show I have ever seen.

These developers are hungry for solutions and knowledge. Really hungry. The conferences seem to be exactly what they need and I have heard some wonderful testimonials from conferees about how much they have learned already. The speakers also shared that the questions they received in the sessions were dead on and they were amazed at the quality of the people in attendance.

While I would love to have TMC’s VoIP Developer show be as large as MacWorld some day that isn’t reality as this event is really laser focused and exhibitors tell me they like it that way.

Still, even for a laser focused show we expect attendance to double this year and are looking forward to bringing the show back to Silicon Valley next year.

Enjoy some photos from the hall today. I am looking forward to the keynotes tomorrow morning from Mark Spencer of Digium and Michael Stanford from Intel.

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