VoIP Peering Keynote Tomorrow!

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VoIP Peering Keynote Tomorrow!

I am giving a keynote at the Voice Peering Fabric or VPF tomorrow at 10:00 am. I am so excited as I will be educating hundreds on the future of VoIP peering and how it factors into the overall communications landscape. These are indeed exciting times. I hope to see you there.

I am getting up extra early as the last time I went down to the Wall Street area I got lost. You ever ask for directions in Manhattan on the street?? So you know what I mean ;-) . Thankfully I wasn’t speaking last time.

The more I talk to others about peering the more excited I get. The interest in events like the one I am going has grown nicely and I can’t wait to see everyone. There will certainly be some excellent networking and gathering with colleagues.

You know what they say – another week another show.

The two industry heavyweights in VoIP peering are Shrihari Pandit and Hunter Newby. I am glad to be speaking at the same conference with them as they are great company to keep if you want to learn about how to peer VoIP, save money and improve call quality.

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