Zultys Out of Business

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Zultys Out of Business

Zultys Out of Business
I just
read that e-mails from Zultys are being returned saying the company is out of business. I hear there was a problem with the financing. Investors decided not to back the company further. I imagine it is too soon for the poor Avaya quarter to have had an impact on Zultys funding but who knows. I am going to reach out to the company and see what I can uncover. By the way, TMC’s Greg Galitzine broke the story.


I just spoke with Iain Milnes the founder of the company and he said they are ceasing operations and terminating employees temporarily -- until they get financing. They feel they have a great product portfolio and a great channel – I agree. They are looking for investors who see this value. Contact
iain.milnes@zultys.com for details.

Further Update: The company was purchased and is doing well. I have had numerous meetings with the company's management. Here is the latest news on Zultys.

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