Apple's YSL Hire Means iWearable Tech is Coming

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Apple's YSL Hire Means iWearable Tech is Coming

Many believe wearable technology will do to tablets and smartphones what they did to laptops and PCs. There is certainly high probability that at a minimum, today’s mobile devices will lose large amounts of share to computers you wear. The problem however for tech a company is making a computing device you want to place on your person. Some believe Google’s Glass product is too ugly to wear for example.

This explains why Google is working with Warby Parker and why Apple just hired Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve to manage “special projects.”

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It seems highly likely Apple is working on a number of wearable technologies such as the much-rumored and recently trademarked iWatch.

Next month, TMC will launch Wearable Tech Expo in Manhattan and it will be very interesting to hear what the industry thinks about this  Apple news.

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