Smartwatch as Information Hub

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Smartwatch as Information Hub

I am a huge watch freak - meaning I love all sorts of them from the most stylish to the most nerdy. The last watch I truly loved was the Tissot High-T which was amazing because it used the Microsoft Spot network to sync all of my calendar reminders and best of all it vibrated - allowing me to get inconspicuous alerts regarding all of my meetings before they took place. Unfortunately the watch stopped working and when I sent it to Tissot for repairs they never sent it back saying it was discontinued. Instead I received a credit.

As great as it is to use a smartphone or tablet, there are times in meetings where looking at your watch is even more socially acceptable than looking at a gadget. And perhaps this is why HP is looking at potentially becoming a player in the smartwatch market. As Rob Enderle points out on TMC's TechZone360, there are some awesome watch concepts out there which really take wearable computing to the next level - allowing them to become truly smart hubs for all of your information.

Today I don't wear a watch as my other devices do the job quite well - but if they continue to evolve and add enough "smart" value I may have to reconsider my position.

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