Tango Networks FMC Update

When I last discussed Tango Networks the company focusing on selling FMC solutions to carriers worldwide I mentioned they were focusing on integrating text messaging into corporate phone and email systems. I have written in the past that selling to carriers as a business model is one of the most challenging ways to make money as carriers can wait so long to make decisions.

This is still the case but it is changing as service providers are facing serious disruptive threats and the need to find new services on a continual basis to offset the slowdown in revenue associated with voice and data.

It has been a number of years since its inception and the company seems to be close to going public with a number of deployments. This is good news for Tango Networks but more importantly for carriers who have become more nimble. And I don’t want to understate the complexity in deploying an effective FMC solution from a carrier perspective – there are lots of moving parts and challenges to get right. Still, the concept is not new and it seems like most of the kinks have been worked out meaning with a good provisioning system and solid billing, carriers should be able to get up and running quickly and in the process hopefully they can sell some seriously high-margin services which corporate decision-makers will credit with boosting productivity.

In addition to working the carrier angle, Tango is enlisting companies in a number of spaces to trial the technology – sort of a push-pull strategy which will hopefully get wireless operators worldwide to realize they better hop on the FMC bandwagon soon.

Some areas of opportunity according to Tango are healthcare and automotive but I would imagine all knowledge workers could benefit from a strong fixed-mobile convergence solution.

One other thing worth mentioning is you should see some awards bestowed on the company for a number of varied achievements soon.

I was told the company will have a channel partner and presence at ITEXPO/4GWE September 1-3 in Los Angeles so if you want to meet with them or the partner at the show drop Al Leo a line at 214-801-2838 or alleo(at)tango-networks.com.

Here are some before and after FMC shots — Which do you think is better? 🙂


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