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I almost fell over when I received an email from the Microsoft PR team titled “Microsoft Exchange and iPhone.” To me this email is as unexpected as an email from Microsoft requesting I rely on open source software . But of course I kid ever so slightly because the email describes the ways the iPhone can now play nice with Microsoft Exchange.

Here are some screen shots of what an Exchange admin will see when managing iPhones:

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Additionally, here is a Q&A with Terry Myerson the corporate VP for Exchange and here is an excerpt from the interview:

PressPass: What are some of the features iPhone users can expect with Exchange ActiveSync built-in?

Myerson: Our goal with Exchange ActiveSync was to create an open solution that lets mobile device makers pick and choose the kinds of features they want to activate. In other words, it’s really up to Apple what features they want to support in iPhone. That said, Apple has a wide range of features they can provide iPhone users to take advantage of Exchange Server’s rich communications platform. For example, by licensing Exchange ActiveSync, Apple can build a wireless e-mail client on iPhone that synchronizes e-mail, calendars, tasks and contacts with Exchange Server over the air. Apple also has the option to enable features that allow businesses to manage the iPhone through security policies in Exchange Server 2007, including remotely wiping all data from a lost or stolen iPhone, and requiring security provisions for email such as a password and pin access. These are important features that more and more companies depend on Exchange Server to deliver – and that iPhone owners now have the opportunity to experience for themselves.

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  • Jord
    July 11, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    now that exchange activesync is out, it is a dissapointment. no task synching and no simultaneous synching for enterprise and personal information. it is a lot more simple to use a web app like http://iphone.hyperoffice.com which lets you synch and share all your Outlook information from the safari browser.

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