Body Painting Crossed Line at CES?

Remember the CES trend I cited last week about hot DJs and body painting? Well it seems at least one of these items may have crossed the line – and I’ll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with music. You see there is a backlash taking place over Hyper’s use of women as “sex objects” at the recent 2013 CES. The reality is however that sex sells. If you have a male audience, using attractive women to sell products works. If it didn’t, companies wouldn’t do it.

And it sells both ways. Attractive men are often used to attract a female audience as well.

Still, if you are offended at Hyper’s use of body painted women at CES, check out this piece on CBC News or Business Insider for more.

One final thought – the “booth babes” as some of the women at shows are referred to, typically wore more clothes than the majority of women walking around Las Vegas in general. And consider this is at a time when temps outside reached below 30 degrees at night.

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