• Bev
    September 2, 2005 at 12:31 pm

    People already use a web search engine, so why not switch to one that shares half of the profits with the charity of your choice? Now you can search the web while raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims by selecting a charity that is involved with the hurricane victim relief efforts.
    Please use Allgive.com and select one of the charities involved in the hurricane disaster relief efforts from the list below or from the list on the site. Thereafter, Allgive.com will contribute 50% of the profits earned from your search activities to the charity you chose. So where does the revenue come from? Well, advertisers will pay search engines $5 billion this year for premium listing placement. So just by using Allgive.com to search the web or compare products online, you will be earning charity contributions from Allgive’s corporate sponsors.
    Select a charity:
    Red Cross – http://allgive.com/?c=676719&t=2002
    Catholic Charities – http://allgive.com/?c=676767&t=2002
    Salvation Army – http://allgive.com/?c=676997&t=2002
    Webmasters and Bloggers:
    To add links or a web search box to your site in support of your charity, go to:
    Red Cross – http://www.allgive.com/toolkit.php?c=676719&t=2002
    Catholic Charities – http://www.allgive.com/toolkit.php?c=676767&t=2002
    Salvation Army – http://www.allgive.com/toolkit.php?c=676997&t=2002

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