PerceptiLabs Democratizes AI for the Future of Work

This past July we wrote about how Democratization of AI is part of the future of work:

The early days of the steam engine benefitted people with capital who could invest in the technology or understand it. Eventually, it democratized.

We need to contract the time that AI becomes democratized.

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott

Part of the definition of the Future of Work is the democratization of AI.

Northstar From MIT and Brown is the AI-GUI Future of Work

We wrote about how Northstar From MIT and Brown is the AI-GUI Future of Work back in July:

The system instantly identifies which models and pre-processing steps it should or shouldn’t run on certain tasks, based on various encoded rules. It first chooses from a large list of those possible machine-learning pipelines and runs simulations on the sample set. In doing so, it remembers results and refines its selection. After delivering fast approximated results, the system refines the results in the back end. But the final numbers are usually very close to the first approximation.

Dip Ranjan Chatterjee

The merging of a GUI and anything means it becomes more accessible.

This is why PerceptiLabs’ drag-and-drop interface makes ML modeling easier and faster.

It’s designed specifically to offload some of the labor a data scientist or developer would usually have to perform, thereby accelerating the process of development. But it also has pragmatic implications for any business or organization struggling with developing ML tools, because in addition to giving a dev team a speed boost, it allows non-technical people to better understand the process and collaborate.

The system allows you to build a new model from one of the templates. You can use an image classification model which exists.

There are training components – reinforcement learning and generative adversarial networks can be applied as well.

The company has been through the Nvidia Inception program, scored a spot as a Google Coral partner, and has $2 million in seed money from Luminar Ventures and Brightly Ventures.

The good news is companies like PerceptiLabs are bringing the power of AI to the masses – marketing departments, sales, accounting, etc. Any department can now benefit from machine learning and deep learning tools.

Even small businesses will see AI come within their reach.

Technology, in general, has become more democratized over time but AI is so complicated, it was thought a d team of data scientists would be needed to access it.

We applaud PerceptiLabs and any company that democratized the latest technology – especially AI and ML which enables the future of work.

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