Tesla Model X Beats Lamborghini Aventador

Lambo Engineers Should be Hiding Under Rocks

Having your supercar beaten by an SUV is beyond embarrassing. Heads should be rolling all over the supercar word.


Tesla also just established the world-record for the fastest quarter-mile for an SUV, 11.418 seconds while beating a Lamborghini by 0.05 seconds. The Lambo ended up passing the Model X P100D immediately after.


There are a few shocking things to note. How much higher do you think the coefficient of drag is for the Silicon Valley SUV. Would you believe it is almost the same??? The actual number is 0.24 versus 0.23. I know, shocking. Beyond shocking. As a result, I was going to suggest Elon Musk use his expertise to design rocket ships. Oh yeah. silly-me-smack-head

Obviously having an electric motor is a tremendous torque advantage for Tesla but its also lugging a lot of batteries and seats.

Of course, the Italian/German sounds a lot better – well, at least it makes a sound. 

As we wrote recently in Tesla Model X vs. Porsche 911 – if you are a competitor to Tesla and at this point it seems every auto company is, you are in trouble.

The video below certainly reinforces the thought.

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