Time to Alert Your Workers About Tax Increases

A few recent articles reminded me it makes sense to warn our TMC team members about the pending tax increases which will take place next year. It is unclear if the Bush tax cuts will expire at this point but I believe it makes sense to prepare everybody for the worst. You may want to adapt this letter I sent to the TMC team for your company.

Team, readers of my blog know I have pointed out how many business leaders have complained about massive regulatory uncertainly is keeping the economy from healing.

Part of the problem is tax uncertainty – it seems we are scheduled for perhaps the largest tax increase (details) in our lifetimes. Then again, there is talk the government may act at some point and keep the Bush tax cuts in place.

No one knows what will happen at this point but many of us should be prepared to see more taxes, fees, etc taken out of our checks this January.

If you are interested in learning more, here are two articles on the matter.

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