Apple, Google and ITEXPO

I was up pretty early today and had a chance to take in lots of news while listening to CNBC, Bloomberg, reading Barons and any website I could get my hands on. Perhaps the biggest news in the telecom space today comes from Apple (disclosure I own Apple share) who announced today they sold 1,000,000 iPhones. That is quite a big number for such a short amount of time. In addition they will likely bid on the 700 MHz auction which CNBC commentators will tell you allows them to bypass AT&T.
What they don’t say is how complicated and time consuming it would be to develop a nationwide wireless network. Not that this can’t be done of course and perhaps an acquisition of Alltel would help.
This got me thinking about how Apple and Google seem to have their interests aligned more and more each day.
I wonder if there will be a more formal alignment of interests between Google and Apple or will we see the companies become competitive. We all know (ok a bit presumptuous but my blog readers are always a step ahead 😉 ) Google is rumored to be coming out with a Gphone soon.
I get the feeling we will see some major news soon about how the two companies have aligned their strategies. Google insiders are likely aware they aren’t able to out-Apple Apple so there is a chance they will never launch their phone. Instead, Google will likely pay Apple and have their apps loaded on the iPhone and design a suite of iPhone ready apps.
I am ITEXPO today and getting ready for the Reseller Solutions Day. I look forward to speaking to the many resellers and others in the room.

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