01 Communique Transitions to Cybersecurity

01 Communique has been an award-winning provider of communications and remote access solutions for decades – we have followed them since 1992 when they were founded.

In early 2018, the Company began transitioning its business focusing on cybersecurity with the development and implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography and Post-Quantum Blockchain technologies, which can be implemented on classical computer systems, as we know them today while at the same time intended to be secure enough to safeguard against potential Quantum Computer attacks.

IronCAP X is the Company’s first product to incorporate its patent-pending IronCAP technology and is believed to be the world’s first quantum-safe end-to-end email encryption system. The system demonstrated at the Company’s shareholder meeting showed how easy it is to send and receive an email that encapsulates 01’s encryption and digital signing system, IronCAP X, providing an end-to-end encrypted message that only the recipient can decrypt and read. A commercial release of IronCAP X is planned for this coming September.

“We are excited to introduce our new website to our customers and investors,” said Andrew Cheung, President and CEO for 01 Communique. “Featuring a modern and streamlined design with improved functionality, the new website highlights our newest product, IronCAP X, demonstrating how it can be applied for email security, credit card security, web site security and more”.

The company’s redesigned website offers quick and intuitive access to critical information regarding IronCAP X with a significantly improved user experience and the ability to capture information pertaining to future customers. The company is inviting interested customers to visit the web site and register as beta users for IronCAP X when it is available.

Quantum computing will lay waste to much of today’s cybersecurity and encryption technologies. We applaud 01 Communique for seeing the opportunity and being way ahead of the curve as they have been since the last century.


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