Cybersecurity Vendor ZecOps Gets $10.2M to Fight APTs

With cybersecurity becoming perhaps the biggest challenge to global organizations – its no wonder so many companies are getting funded to help solve the problem.

The industry is filled with malware detectors, anomaly detection solutions and MSSPs with SOCs to help solve problems when they are found.

ZecOps just raised a $10.2M seed round for its agentless automated Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) & APT detection platform.

They bring numerous vital solutions in one package.

ZecOps APT detection & DFIR platform discovers and analyzes attacks on endpoints, servers, and mobile devices by leveraging attackers’ mistakes. ZecOps technology is also suitable for IOT, ATMs and Point of Sales (POS) without requiring device recertification and can distinguish between IT / DevOps events and cyber security incidents. All ZecOps solutions are agentless, take only a few minutes to deploy at scale and operate without prerequisites. 

“Taly Slachevsky and Zuk Avraham are the rare pairing of successful repeat entrepreneurs that also possess incredible technical and domain expertise,” said Mike Wohl, Chief Investment Officer at CEAS Investments. “This is evidenced by their early wins with enterprise customers in four distinct sectors: telecom, banking, big tech, and defense. We are thrilled to partner with ZecOps in their mission to significantly improve organizations’ cyber security posture.”

“The combination of state-of-the-art technology expertise and a wealth of entrepreneurship achievements uniquely positions ZecOps team to make the company a huge success,” said Michal Pechoucek, Venture Partner at Evolution Equity Partners. “What ZecOps has developed in the past two years is very impressive and we’re excited to be working together to create a global market leader.”

“We have been very impressed with ZecOps’ capability to automate security breach detection, analysis and response for the most commonly used operating systems,” said Herman Kienhuis, EVP and Managing Director at KPN Ventures. “We see great potential in enabling more organizations to learn from attacks, generate new threat intelligence and substantially improve their security posture. The traction that ZecOps has generated in the past few months, while being still in stealth mode, is very promising. We look forward to working with the company to help it achieve its ambitious goals.”

“We are extremely excited to have ZecOps in our family. As early believers in the company, ZecOps remains one of our most promising startups out of the hundreds of cyber security startups we analyzed this year,” said George Damouny, Partner at Plug and Play Ventures. “With their strong team and expertise in the space, we have high expectations for ZecOps as their innovative approach and technology are poised to disrupt the cyber security market.”

“At Stormbreaker, we’ve evaluated a multitude of cyber security companies that have attempted similar solutions but with offerings that are less automated, scalable, and comprehensive. We were impressed that ZecOps offers the first seamless automated platform with unparalleled transparency and granularity,” said Said Mia, Founder and Managing Partner of Stormbreaker Venture Group. “Top-flight technology is one thing, but Zuk and his team have demonstrated clear tenacity, capital efficiency, and impressive progress to-date. We are excited to welcome the company to our portfolio.”

Zuk Avraham, ZecOps CEO and Co-Founder

“Since our inception in 2017, our mission has been to detect attackers’ mistakes that go unnoticed by all the other defense controls and hence to provide organizations with an immediate view on who is targeted, which assets are already infected and automatically generate threat intelligence on the attacks,” said Zuk Avraham, ZecOps CEO and Co-Founder. “We’re not trying to solve everything – we provide a realistic approach to combating against advanced attackers and CISOs love it! This past year has demonstrated an overwhelming demand.” 

“We have already secured over twenty partnerships. ZecOps platform is commercially available and deployed in Tier-1 enterprises, carriers, banks, governments as well as defense entities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific,” added Zuk Avraham. “This enabled us to detect various APTs in multiple organizations. We are thrilled by our investors’, partners’ and customers’ vote of confidence and the possibilities offered through this funding.”

Taly Slachevsky, ZecOps COO and Co-Founder

“Since we started a couple of years ago, we have built a great team and the results quickly followed,” said Taly Slachevsky, ZecOps COO and Co-Founder. “Each and every single individual on our team is amazing and everyone makes the difference. I’m proud to be part of ZecOps and looking forward to continue executing on our vision to help organizations globally.”

Threats to organizations are coming from individual hackers, criminal syndicates, terrorist groups like ISIS and nation-states. The challenge is for most every threat in the physical world, there are police and military workers to protect them.

When it comes to cybersecurity – organizations need to fend for themselves.

If they get hacked and pay a ransom – they can find out the tools of government are arrayed against them. they can end up paying fines (see New York Shield Act) for data breaches in the millions and then more fines if they pay a ransom to banned accounts by the U.S. State Department.

These are just some of the reasons why the cybersecurity space continues to grow and why ZecOps got funded.

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