Cyemptive Wants to End Ransomware

Ransomware is a plague. We’ve described it before. It takes companies down. It can cost millions of dollars. But it can potentially be prevented. At least that is what Cyemptive is saying. Its likely worth paying attention as they won the Department of Homeland Security’s national competition for most innovative solutions in the market. They go beyond typical AI and ML systems which they say are too slow to respond.

Instead, they use a patented “state-based system” approach that monitors files, memory, operating systems, applications and data, creating the ability to identify and eliminate attacks in seconds.

Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (CPF) provides a patented, differentiated solution for ensuring firewalls will not be compromised, with the ability to withstand and thwart attacks that other solutions can’t, while identifying and preventing the attacks in seconds.  Cyemptive Encryption Scanner (CES) is a new, proven scanning technology that detects both known and unknown forms of encryption applied to files (including sleeper ransomware) to a magnitude of five times more than other solutions on the market today.  According to the company, the new products when used together address one of the biggest cyberthreats facing businesses and government today: sleeper ransomware.

Rob Pike, CEO and founder of Cyemptive

“Sleeper ransomware encrypts files gradually (i.e. one file per hour) over many months of time, and encrypts all of an organization’s data including back-ups.  Unlike conventional ransomware, backing up your organization’s data will not solve the problem because your backups will be encrypted too,” said Rob Pike, CEO and founder of Cyemptive.  “Artificial intelligence technologies will not identify sleeper ransomware, and that means that other product offerings on the market, which use machine learning to monitor APIs, will not protect against such cyberthreats and attacks.  Cyemptive has the only field-tested solution to sleeper ransomware on the market today.”

CES and CPF are the first of new comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions for businesses and government that take a completely different approach to security.  The products are available now, either directly through Cyemptive Technologies or its network of MSPs and MSSPs. 

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