New ExaGrid Data Storage Solution for Acronis Cyber Backup

Storage company ExaGrid has a new data backup and storage solution that works with backup software and cybersecurity company Acronis.

The announcement was made at the Acronis Cyber Summit 2019 at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida which we live-blogged.

The new solution is designed to help organizations meet the challenges of data growth and management at remote sites. Many organizations have up to hundreds or even thousands of remote and edge locations, or sites, such as sales offices, franchises, retail outlets, etc. These remote sites commonly do not have dedicated IT staff, yet the company data must be backed up on a daily or nightly basis. The data has to be stored centrally and is often kept for weeks, months, and years, and typically requires a second offsite copy for added data protection in case of disaster.

The combination of Acronis Cyber Backup with ExaGrid disk-based backup appliances provides customers with an easy-to-manage process and cost-effective solution for remote site backup and storage. This combined solution has been tested and tuned so that both systems work together to deliver secure storage and fast recovery. Organizations using Acronis Cyber Backup can back up remote sites via Acronis agents installed at remote sites directly to an ExaGrid storage device at either the organization’s own data center or a third-party cloud service provider.

As the secondary storage backup target, ExaGrid provides deduplication technologies that save on storage costs. ExaGrid’s Landing Zone and Adaptive Deduplication technology result in superior backup and restore performance at a reasonable cost with complete Acronis Cyber Backup compatibility. ExaGrid’s architecture is designed to be easily scalable, resulting in a fixed-length backup window regardless of data growth.

Additionally, data can be replicated to a second-site ExaGrid system for disaster recovery. ExaGrid supports up to 16 major data centers in a group such that remote sites in specific geographies can replicate into core centers and then those centers can be cross-replicated. This approach provides cross-site disaster recovery support with efficient bandwidth utilization.

In fact – Exagrid has been supporting Multicloud since before the term was popularized.

“We’re excited to present this exclusive combined solution for remote site backup and storage to the marketplace,” said Bill Andrews, President and CEO of ExaGrid. “This unique offering helps organizations manage the growing complexity of data management and storage at disparate locations and data centers.”

“As organizations face exploding data volumes, increased IT complexity, and the increasing costs associated with those trends, Acronis is proud to have a strategic partner like ExaGrid offering the easy, efficient and secure cyber protection of Acronis Cyber Backup,” said Serguei Beloussov (SB), Acronis Founder and Executive Officer. “Not only does combining the advanced capabilities of Acronis Cyber Backup with ExaGrid’s unique architecture and technology enable customers to solve their backup and storage challenges at remote sites, they also gain additional benefits such as support for 21 platforms and the industry’s first integrated ransomware protection powered by AI.”

It’s worth noting Acronis has what we believe is a unique idea in virus scanning – they scan the backups – freeing up the client machines from having to be burdened by frequent scans.

This also means the idea can be extended to scan backups which are in the past – to see if there were past infections which may have potentially morphed over time to an undetectable state.

Yesterday, on a panel I moderated Bruno Rodriguez, Technology Licensing & Strategic Partnerships Director, Bitdefender mentioned this is the sort of innovation made possible because of the company’s open APIs which allow Acronis to use their antivirus engine to scan. They themselves might not have thought of scanning the backups he said.

This news helps solidify Acronis as an ecosystem worth supporting in BCDR and ExaGrid gets to solidify its relationship with a fast-growing provider to MSPs.

Attentions IT and MSPs:

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