Openpath Intros Next-Gen Access Control System

As everything in our lives has become smart; the phone, speaker, lights, cities, thermostats and doorbells, the reality is that pretty much everything needs to become intelligent to participate in the ecosystem of things and services. One area which has lagged however is building security.


This has now changed as Openpath has delivered a truly smart access control system. It’s a unique next-generation solution that replaces legacy key card systems with one that uses mobile and cloud.

The good news is they do support encrypted key cards so workers can still use what they are comfortable with. 


James Segil (above), Openpath President & Cofounder explained in a telephone interview that their most unique feature is “Touch” (see video example below) which allows someone to keep their phone in their pocket or purse and simply “touch” the reader at the door to unlock it. He exclaimed, “It’s Pretty awesome and it means that if your hands are full or you’re on the phone, you don’t have to open the app on the phone to unlock the door – just touch the reader.”

James Segil and Alex Kazernai.jpg

James and Alex Kazernai (above together) started this company together… Their fourth one.

Another very useful feature is guest pass which lets you send a one-time web link via text/email to a visitor or contractor so they can come and go as they please for the time frame of their visit. You no longer have to worry about loaning your badge to the visitor so they can go to the bathroom, or wait for a contractor to show up to let them into the office.

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The hardware is sleek and the software runs on your phone and watch. There is integration with directory services as well as apps like GSuite and Office 365 as well as the ability to function via bluetooth, WIFi and LTE to ensure reliability.

Local equipment required is a Smart Hub and Readers which can be taken with you if you move your office. You can take advantage of two-factor authentication if desired and if you prefer, the system will work with the existing wiring and readers.

Other benefits include not worrying about insecure past technology like keys which can be copied or numeric codes which can be shared without authorization. In addition, a single plane of glass interface manages multiple sites and employees can be given access to various locations via the GUI.


Customer Sharon Rechter the EVP & Founder of California-based First Media explained their new office had to be at the cutting edge of technology to support their cool and dynamic workforce. She went on to say her vision for the office was a place where people love to come to work. Cloud and mobile access were additional deciding factors according to Office Manager Madeleine West.

If you are looking for a smart access control system – one with enhanced security, less complexity and instant provisioning, Openpath has a next-generation solution for you. The commercial-grade system comes with 24×7 support and can be installed by a reseller near you.

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