Apple is Very Vulnerable Says Rob Enderle

We have always had tremendous respect for Advisor Rob Enderle’s views on tech. He has never steered us wrong and has never been afraid to be controversial about his predictions.

Rob Enderle

His recent piece which outlines how Microsoft is basically going to burn Apple’s house down with awesome new products makes as much sense as anything we have ever read.

When we were finished though we felt like it is impossible for Apple’s house to burn down – but his points are all very solid.

As a matter of disclosure, we go almost nowhere without a SurfaceBook 2, iPad Pro and iPhone. We have no bias either way.

You might want to know why we use devices from both companies… A few reasons – the iOS apps are often superior to what you find on a PC and a PC allows us to work in an environment we are comfortable with for browsing and email, has a right-clickable mouse and of course a screen we can touch.

Let’s share a few of Rob’s thoughts and add ours:

Rob says the Surface Pro X will kill the iPad Pro based on his informal market research. We just don’t see this because of the sheer number of iOS apps on the market. It’s tough to see how people will switch platforms unless there is a very compelling reason which we don’t see.

He believes the Surface Duo is an iPhone killer. We believe you can NEVER have enough screen real estate but aren’t sure we are ready to give up iOS for Android. We must confess, the Huawei Mate X foldable screen looks like a work of art though and might make switching less painful.

It’s all about the applications though – and the embedded network of iOS users. People will NOT give up their iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime for this device in our opinion but perhaps other Android manufacturers should start to worry. Rob points out that foldable plastic screens are not reliable and we agree it will take time to perfect this tech.

He has more to say and as always, his comments are thought-provoking and worth reading.


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