Don’t Judge the Microsoft Surface Pro by its Reviews

Disclosure: we use an iPad Pro and iPhone and a Microsoft Surface Book on a daily basis so you can see we really have no bias. Still, we were offended when we saw the headline today from Todd Haselton at CNBC: Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a good tablet, but it’s way too expensive for most people.

The concern we had was why the value judgement in the headline? Who is this guy, we thought to tell us what is too expensive for us?

As it turns out his review is spot on – great job Todd (no, we don’t believe we know or have met him.)

His main concerns are that a fully configured device with a Core i7 will run you $2,200 without a keyboard or pen!

You can get one for as little as $799 which is likely good enough for most people but it comes with a Core m3.

Microsoft touts photos like this to hawk the Surface Pro but how many of us have a table at the beach? More than likely we have a chair meaning the kickstand will dig into our legs

What we’ve learned from experience is that if you want to use this device as a laptop on your lap as opposed to a desk, the kickstand can dig into your leg after a while and can be uncomfortable. We recommend the Surface Book if you can afford it as you get a tablet and real laptop in one. Another option if you don’t need a tablet is the Surface Laptop – just be sure to switch out from Windows S to Windows 10 Pro which you can do for free until December of this year. We expect Redmond might extend this date based on customer demand.


Bottom line: Microsoft makes some great hardware these days and the intersection of tablet and laptop is where much of the excitement is in mobile these days. Expect the battleground to get more fierce as Apple and Microsoft both target this coveted segment.

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