ExtraHop Provides Operations Intelligence which Borders on Business Intelligence

“We provide operations intelligence which borders on business intelligence,” said Jesse Rothstein CEO of ExtraHop. In a conversation I recently had with him and Erik Giesa,

SVP Marketing. The pair wanted to make clear their company is providing the next generation of IT operations management and moreover, pioneering the idea of extracting value from wire data.

Said Rothstein, “IT operations gets more difficult but expectations for perfection continue to increase,” he continued, “How do you address this?” From there he explained his company’s role is to promote IT operations architecture. Explaining further, Giesa said, traffic is growing all over the place data centers with new VM and applications spinning up and down constantly. “Everything meets at operations,” he concluded.

Rothstein then shared a story where a customer of theirs providing cloud storage was about to upgrade their storage unit at a cost of a million dollars until they realized utilizing Extrahop’s solution that a single process was in an infinite loop of archiving. It turns out a script was missing a semicolon and when it was added, storage utilization decreased by 85% saving the company a million dollars in the process.

In another example, an advertising network was able to use their solution to determine they were trying to solicit ads from clients who had depleted their account balances. This was a tremendous opportunity cost – armed with this information they could now ask the clients to top off their accounts.

Extrahop further allows DBAs to see down into the stored procedures and database transactions on the network – without needing an agent embedded in the SQL. Really, this gets us to the idea that the company wants to be known as the leader in extracting value from wire data or “observed communications.” These are things which are observational, such a network slowdown.

Another way of looking at the company is traditional APM solutions are on the inside looking out – monitoring areas such as agent data or host based instrumentation while they are outside looking in.

In terms of deployment the options are varied – virtual appliances for retail sites or they can live in the AWS cloud. Companies can further opt to run the solution in a hybrid environment while maintaining a single view.

In the Devops space , companies use their products to test and QA baseline versus new releases while also monitoring the production environment to determine how various versions behave.

Here are some past interviews I’ve conducted with Jesse Rothstein for background information


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