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I go on a podcast soon but before I go, it is worth pointing out a few articles I perused this morning. One is focused on Google making us stupid — and the concept is that reading on the web has changed the way we work. We are now all able to ingest information small bite-sized chunks and can no longer read books or long articles like the good old days. I tend to agree.

Then there is the Apple news. Although I expected some sort of surprise from yesterday’s Apple conference I received none. Perhaps what could be considered sort of new is the price of the 3G iPhone which starts at $199. Other than that the device will include GPS and have the new iPhone 2.0 OS.

It should be noted that a $199 price point means that the competition in the cell phone market will be more fierce than ever before. other phone manufacturers will not be able to hide behind pricing anymore… Instead, they will have to out-innovate Apple — who by the way has a tremendous advantage over the competition because increased iPhone sales lead to increase iMac sales. Nokia, Motorola and other competing companies are going to have to make a better product than Apple… A much better product and sell it less expensively.

So yesterday’s news although not too surprising will deal a blow to all other mobile device companies as well as GPS companies such as Garmin.

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