How Microsoft Just Scared the IT Community to Death


Brad Smith
, the President and Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft spoke recently at a conference and wrote about the need for a Digital Geneva Convention which would do a number of things. For example, it would eliminate targeting of tech companies, assist the private sector in dealing with attacks and restrain cyber-weapon development. “Conflicts between nations are no longer confined to the ground, sea and air, as cyberspace has become a potential new and global battleground,” he said.

The company went on to say it spends a tremendous amount on cybersecurity but it isn’t enough… We need to do more, a lot more.

Why should this scare us to death? Because Microsoft owns the operating system and many of the applications we use. They make the most-hacked computers in the world (perhaps not including IoT devices but generally, they aren’t as important) and they still aren’t able to protect us from “evil-doers.”

The point is, we are all in a lot of trouble – hacks will become more commonplace and having an effective strategy ahead-of-time is the only way to mitigate risk. For more, see my complete thoughts.

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