Amazon: Begun the Consumer Cloud Wars Have

Amazon has just unveiled a cloud storage solution for music and other files beating Apple and Google to the punch. The service, promoted by the included graphic on the Amazon home page explains the offer which includes a player which works on the web as well as Android devices. Most in the media will herald this move as new but they likely aren’t aware of Michael Robertson (past blogs) the man behind and Both of these services had cloud components associated with music storage and both were sued by the record labels. Oh, and the first one – was launched well over a decade ago and had an impressive run as a public company and subsequently flamed out.


With Amazon’s entry into the consumer cloud space and the close tie-in with sales from the Amazon store – we can expect public acceptance of the cloud to increase and the desire to store files remotely to grow as well. And it goes to show us once again that having good timing is perhaps more important than having a good idea.

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