Hunter Newby Leaves Telx

For those of you who know Hunter Newby, you are aware is one of the more knowledgeable people in our industry. Hunter is especially well-versed in areas like net neutrality, fiber deployment and not surprisingly carrier hotels.

I know many of the customers of Telx and they tell me frequently that Hunter is the main reason they enjoyed (and even started) working with the company.

Over time of course the various Telx facilities in New York, Atlanta and other areas grew not just because of the personality of the Telx team but because they offered carrier hotel space where the majority of providers were located.

As Hunter has said in the past… Carrier hotels with access to massive amounts of fiber are like waterfront property.

Hunter recently informed me he will no longer be at Telx and soon in fact he will be starting a new venture. Here is an excerpt of a letter I received last night:

Ten years is a long time to be with one company in this industry. The truth is that telx has constantly evolved and changed so it was really not the same company for all of that time. Change is inevitable. The early success of telx was based on creating its own change and in effect it evolved to define the standard in the Meet-Me interconnection business.

From its roots in pre-paid calling cards the business shifted in to switch partitioning and wholesale international minutes arbitrage. The first colocation deal for one rack was done in late 1998. The first direct network to network interconnection with no local loop was run in 1999. The first CBX was held in 2002. In 2004 telx bought an entire Carrier Hotel. The rest is history. An amazing and powerful history!

I have many people to thank for my success – all of you. Without you there would have been no community, no ecosystem, no network-effect. All of these elements were critical and you each played a part and for that I am forever grateful and proud.

I begin my new venture next week and there will be a public announcement about it. I will also forward the announcement along to my contact list once it is released. Going forward you can use or my new mobile 646 732 4300 to contact me. I prefer email as many of you know.

The good news is that Hunter will continue to provide his invaluable content to TMC and TMCnet in the future. Stay tuned for news on what he is up to.

In the mean time, you can brush up on Hunter’s thoughts by checking out some of his past articles.

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