Maybe Net Neutrality Needs to Apply to Silicon Valley

In the debate for net neutrality, its been left versus right for about a decade. Silicon Valley, and Democrats are for net neutrality while conservatives are for free markets with minimal government regulation.

The biggest argument advocates of net neutrality use is they fear for a world where unregulated ISPs are able to throttle and block content they don’t agree with or that which is competitive.

Last month, Google, Facebook and Spotify among many others worked together to participate in a June 12 Internet-Wide Day of Action in support of net neutrality.

Organized by Fight for the Future, freepress, and Demand Progress, the event precedes a July 17 deadline for public comment on the FCC’s proposed changes to net neutrality rules, originally designed to prevent huge internet service providers from creating internet ‘fast lanes’ that deliver content from some owners at higher speeds (and potentially higher costs) than that of others. In his new role as head of the FCC, former commissioner and Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai has quickly mobilized efforts to roll back the Obama-era protections, among other things, arguing that the regulations will inhibit investment and innovation in the field.

Interestingly net neutrality proponants are generally associated with the antifa movement – the communist group which says it represents anti-fascism.

So there we have it – the left wants net neutrality rules so the government can ensure corporations can’t keep sites they don’t agree with, off the internet. In this way they want to stop fascism.

In fact they hold to these ideals so dearly that one month later when a hate group they disagree with, The Daily Stormer was cast into the limelight, they blocked it.

No joke, Silicon Valley corporations are literally doing exactly what they claim to be against.

Daily Stormer is currently available on the dark web after Namecheap announced on Sunday that it will not host the site. The hate site was registered with the company on Friday after being kicked off of GoDaddyGoogle Domains, and a Russian registrar earlier last week before being shut down by each.

We feel we need to put a disclaimer here because pointing out hypocrisy often makes one a target and apparently not mentioning we don’t agree with hate groups and not doing so in a timely manner could cause the media to go into hysteria – forgetting to even cover the all-important stories related to Russian hacking. So here we go – We do not agree with or endorse any hate group including the KKK, white supremacists or any others.

What should be quite apparent at this point is Silicon Valley is far more powerful than your local ISP. Being banned by Google, Facebook and Twitter to name a few means you may as well not exist.

Maybe we need to apply some net neutrality rules to Silicon Valley as they have demonstrated their willingness to block sites they do not agree with. Who knows what site will be next – maybe this one.

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