Ooma White Label Allows For Higher Value and Higher Margin

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“About three years ago we started to create a channel for VARs going after SMBs or the micro SMB marketplace,” Said Rob Ferrer (pictured below), VP/ CRO, Ooma. “Thanks to the acquisition of Voxster, we have strong bespoke capabilities – giving us a reliable and redundant global communications infrastructure – more like CPaaS.”

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He explained OOMA Enterprise also has a great white-label offering, allowing partners to be successful. He told us one of the largest fast-serve franchises in the world is a customer.

“Ooma is giving me the flexibility I need to grow my business and build my brand,” said Glen Simon, president of Country Communications, an Ooma Enterprise partner in Toronto, Canada. “I can focus on providing the service my customers want instead of trying to force a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution down their throats.”

Rob said, “We have taken the foundational components and brought in new people – to help partners do things like have branding in the UCaaS relationship.”

The idea here is to allow MSPs to sell a suite of solutions or bundles – managed WiFi and phone for example. They allow partners to monetize a few ways.


“Typical solutions don’t have the customizability,” he exclaimed.

The idea is partners own the customer relationships in a white-label or white-label style relationship. This allows the partner to worry less about FCC regulations and taxes for example.

He told us the partner deals with the payment gateway and billing.

He concluded, “The flexibility of our solution, we’re going to build capabilities and add APIs so they can choose what and how to deploy.”

Resellers who want to go above and beyond just simple resale should take a look at Ooma, the flexibility they provide allows the channel and MSPs to put together higher-value and higher-margin solutions.

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