Silicon Valley Closes for Christmas

While the tech industry was immune from much of the slowdown in this recession during the first part of the year, the economic crisis which took hold in September of certainly changed all that. Now, many Silicon Valley companies are closing for an extended time during the holidays and obviously there have been many layoffs.

My take?+ If things do pick up next year and this is a short-lived slowdown, it may be a good thing to have extra time to spend with your family. My advice? Enjoy the time off. We all have our fingers crossed that things will roar back to life in the near future.

Moreover, this crisis which we are still in — is still partially a crisis of confidence. I know for sure that even if you don’t agree with many of President Elect Obama’s policies, you do feel confident when he talks. I believe once he gets on TV regularly and starts rolling out new programs, we in the US and others around the world will feel more optimistic about the future.

The Financial Times sums up the story fairly well.

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