Sonus Says Dial Plans Are A hot Product These Days

I just had a fascinating conversation with Sonus – they company responsible in-part for getting carriers to adopt IP communications is nowMykola Konrad.jpg seeing something very interesting happen. The company’s PSX or Centralized Routing and Policy Server is gaining interest among customers. The reason? They are looking to integrate their disparate IP communications systems together into a unified solution.

Some examples of what it can do – pass presence information between different vendor PBXs and route calls to the appropriate system, whether it is Cisco or Microsoft Skype for Business.

They tell me their centralized dial plan in many cases is preferred because it isn’t tied to one vendor or another. My interview was with Mykola Konrad, Kevin Riley and Jason Vancura (pictured in order from top to Kevin Riley.jpgbottom).

Other important points from our meeting, carriers are beginning to see more interest in cloud-based solutions from their customers. Asa  result, Sonus is helping provide virtual SBCs, firewalls and routers. The bottom line is the enterprise can have their UC solution powered by the core, edge or premise as a virtual CPE.

Also, the company’s latest release of VellOS will solve a problem many organizations have… It will improve network optimization and uptime, directly tie network usage to business policy management, provide the flexibility to adapt to changing network conditions, and enhance security on network endpoints.Jason Vancura.jpg

For example real-time packets can be optimized if desired. In another case, a Wall Street trading firm may optimize for trading.

As the need for real-time communications continues to grow as well as the importance of other prioritized traffic and more companies try to stitch together their heterogeneous UC solutions, Sonus seems well-positioned to capitalize on these trends.


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