The Stealth Core Trainer May be the Perfect Workout Device

We’ve made a lot of tech predictions in our career and we are proud to say we have been greater than 90% correct.

What was perhaps the worse one we made in the last decade was regarding Peloton. We thought competitors would put together an iPad and a cheap IoT sensor that attaches to your leg and make a superior or cheaper solution.

But were we wrong – Peloton had the market to itself for so long, they were able to cement their leadership position and no one seemed to come up with the idea of using the device you have in conjunction with a piece of excecise equipment.

Finally, someone invented the solution we thought would arrive eight years ago.

The Stealth Core Trainer is a wonderful addition to any workout routine. It’s quite an innovative concept which adds games to your excercise routine via your cell phone. 

If you have a relatively strong core and are familiar with planks you will probably share the opinion that:
A mere plank is not very challenging in itself. In order to feel the plank is working, you may need to hold it for a longer period of time. which becomes tedious and boring.

By introducing the Stealth into your workout, these issues disappear. 

It is challenging: The plank sits on a ball base which immediately adds balancing into the mix and your core will notice immediately!
It’s fun:  As you are playing, you forget that you are actually exercising and may go on for longer as you eliminate the boredom factor, 
It’s effective: Since your arms are hovering above floor level, you engage many more stabilizing muscles immediately.

Its vibrant yellow color is inviting. It’s super light since it’s just a plastic surface on which you will rest your cellphone with no attachments whatsoever. The phone just stays in place. You don’t even need to remove the phone case.

The solution comes with many games that are fun and very easy to download, once you set up your free account. Two of the games are also free and there are a lot more games that you can pay for if you so choose. 

It involves your complete upper body. If you use your hands for a better grip you will feel it in your forearms and sides, as you swerve sideways during your game.

You can opt for the endurance mode or the timed mode, where you will set how long you want the game to last, one minute, two minutes, etc. 

The “personal log” keeps track of your scores and times. Another interesting feature is that you can join public or private challenges and compete with other players. 

This is the best exercise value out there because it leverages the device you already have to make exercise fun. It is just $99. At some point, we had a gym membership that cost more than that per month! Just one minute on the device can leave you short of breath with your muscles aching. In fact, an amazing addition to your HIIT or high-intensity-interval-training workout would be adding the Stealth into the mix.


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It is also something we would suggest you do a few times a day for about a minute or more. It will increase your pulse and tone many of your muscles at once.

One room for improvement is for beginners. It is easy to forget to breathe when you start because you are tensing your whole body. If the games would have a breathing reminder every 20 seconds or so, it would make a great workout solution even better!

Lastly, we’d like the company for making our prediction at least partially come true. It took a while but we love what Stealth has come up with!


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