Tom Ridge to Speak at ITEXPO

I am looking forward to hearing Tom Ridge’s comments at the upcoming Internet Telephony Conference & Expo this month in Ft. Lauderdale Florida (January 24–27). Secretary Ridge will present his thoughts on a number of issues ranging from security to how we can effectively improve the state of 9-1-1 service in this country. The event will also feature an E-911/Regulation Summit, which is a must-attend for anyone interested in learning more about the pertinent regulatory issues facing VoIP companies today.

Some of the session titles that will be featured in Ft. Lauderdale include:

· VoIP’s Role in Military & First-Responder Communications;
· VoIP Regulatory Update; and
· E-911 Technical Session

These sessions will serve as an update on VoIP regulatory and compliance issues. Attendees can get up to speed on the latest situation regarding the support of CALEA, E-911, and taxation issues. Recent FCC rulings will be explored and the ramifications for the industry will be addressed. Some topics covered will include where carriers stand in their ability to support 9-1-1, wiretapping, and the touchy issue of taxing the regulated providers to pay to support these initiatives.

Topics will also range to discuss the technological advantages of using a VoIP-based solution in times of crisis such as the recent hurricane strikes that damaged traditional telecommunications networks. If you need to know how today’s solutions work, and how they might work in your network, you need to attend this Summit. If you are at all affected by our emergency response system – and I imagine that’s pretty much everyone who reads this column – you will likely want to be at the show to hear what Mr. Ridge has to say. I look forward to seeing you there.

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