Toshiba Memory is now Kioxia, Why This Makes Sense

Kioxia Holdings Corporation, formerly Toshiba Memory Holdings Corporation, today announced that it is officially operating under its new corporate identity.

You may be wondering why we think this is a good idea. Simply stated – after covering and working with communications and technology firms from around the world, one important trend has not been lost on us. Companies that are large conglomerates that are based outside the U.S. have no idea how to compete outside their home countries. Especially in the U.S. This also applies to companies in general beyond the United States – not just conglomerates.

Strong foreign companies believe their strong brand in their home country will translate worldwide. They have no idea their brand has far less or no value in places like the the U.S.

Siemens Business Communications is a great example of this – they were a communications leader but their home office hampered their growth in the U.S. – they sold off their phone systems at a huge discount from their peak. Iwatsu from Japan – more or less was the same idea. They once had a leading small business phone system in the U.S. but their brand did not achieve the prominence it could have – had they consistently marketed. Ericsson in phone systems is another. Toshiba in phones is another. They had good products but almost seemed to try to be so quiet that their company made phones that they ultimately sold off the division for pennies on the dollar.

A new brand for Toshiba memory – Kioxia – means they need to market it. They need to focus on it. They know it doesn’t have the parent’s name to trade on.

It will be run like every other company – not a piece of a conglomerate.

“Kioxia’s official brand launch is an important step in both our evolution as an independent company and our commitment to lead the industry into the new era of memory,” said Stacy J. Smith, executive chairman of Kioxia Holdings Corporation. “The company will build on its history as a world leader in memory solutions to not only meet the memory demands of the future but to also fulfill our mission to uplift the world with memory.”

“Our full brand color palette of bright, vibrant colors represents Kioxia’s fun, future-driven culture, and passion for using memory to create new experiences and a colorful future for the world,” said Naohisa Sano, Chief Marketing Officer of Kioxia Corporation. “Our new corporate logo and brand identity better reflect Kioxia’s mission and vision to uplift the world with memory, using technological innovation to create new value for society.”

To commemorate the new brand, Kioxia will launch its “#FutureMemories” brand campaign, a project designed to create never-before-seen experiences that embody the company’s commitment to creating new value and changing the world by pursuing the potential of memory. The first phase of the project will be “TEZUKA2020,” a tribute to legendary manga artist, Osamu Tezuka. Using high-speed, large capacity flash memory and AI technology, the company will redraw the memorable work of Osamu Tezuka – marking the first time his work will have been re-created in 30 years. Launching in February 2020, the TEZUKA2020 phase of Kioxia’s #FutureMemories initiative is just one example of how the company is uplifting the world with memory.


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