Where is Rich Flying to Today?

You haven’t heard from me much in the last two days because I took an inbox with 2,100 important items which includes my to-do list and I whittled it down to under 120. This of course meant I caught up with many people who had emailed or called me in the past few months. I still wonder if there shouldn’t be some sort of expiration date on emails which can be set which would help me manage my overflowing inbox.

For example if I set a reminder via email about some event like a conference or concert, the email should be set to self-destruct when the event is over and the email has less use.

In other important news, my sister had a baby last weekend meaning I got my first nephew Dylan and I am flying cross-country now to meet him, etc. I am back next week and you can expect to hear a lot more from me then. Have a great weekend.

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