Will George Clooney’s Wedding Popularize Burner Phones in Your Company?

This morning, news broke that even more celebrity nude photos of haveclooney.jpg leaked and that George Clooney handed out burner phones to wedding guests to ensure any photos taken didn’t show up on the internet after accounts got hacked. The interesting point here is that what Clooney is saying is his wedding is only as secure as the weakest cellphone password. As you might imagine, TMZ was not amused.

This security measure makes sense… George’s security team was able to remotely monitor all photos taken meaning they would also know who leaked a specific photo. But what’s even more interesting to me is, if celebrities can’t trust cellphone passwords to keep their wedding and nude selfies secure, can you trust them to be secure in your enterprise? The answer is obviously not… At least until cellphone passwords get a heck of a lot stronger or start using multifactor authentication.

Yet, companies with BYOD polices – which is basically all corporations have done little since nude selfie-gate to reign in what confidential work their users do using third-party clouds. Having said that, one wonders if the solution for companies will be same as for Clooney… Burner phones for all.

If this is a future trend we likely can’t expect these burner devices to be made by Apple… At $800 a pop, the bills get big fast. But a no-name Android device? Maybe.

I don’t expect burner phones to become a standard giveaway at corporations immediately but the idea is intriguing and in a way would just be a simple reversal of BYOD policies. We’d be going back to a time when security was more in the hands of IT and less in the hands of Apple’s iCloud.

Disclosure: This pic of George may or may not be with his new wife. I truly lack the interest in knowing who he married.

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