etherFAX APIs Better Integrate with LANE Data Solutions

Fax has been declared dead for decades but it is not dead – it is alive and very much so in specific markets such as healthcare and financial services. Some of this has to do with regulatory and legal reasons.

A few decades back, one of our writers and now current webmaster Robert Hashemian wrote a piece titled “Fax is Dead.”

This was followed by a letter to the editor which was quite furious – from a fax analyst of course.

Over the years we have detailed just how alive fax has been – very much so.

Sure, it is decreasing but still in use.

Speaking of current history…

etherFAX today announced that it has expanded its partnership with LANE Data Solutions, a leading provider of integrated messaging solutions. LANE most recently expanded its deployment by integrating the etherFAX API into its applications serving healthcare, finance, and enterprise customers.

The etherFAX API, a web interface based on REST semantics, enables LANE to integrate fax and document delivery services into their applications quickly. As a scalable and highly available service, the etherFAX API allows LANE to send and receive a high-volume of faxes with ultra-fast transmission speeds and guaranteed delivery.

“Writing software to the etherFAX API is very easy and helps us to deliver high-quality services,” said Raymond Donaldson, Senior Software Engineer at LANE Data Solutions. “With the end-to-end encryption technology provided by SENx, transmitted documents are fully protected between our systems and the etherFAX network. It’s the best security I have ever experienced.”

Using methods defined by the Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES), etherFAX SENx ensures that only the two parties communicating are capable of exchanging and deciphering each other’s messages. Each SENx transaction begins with the exchange of public keys, allowing shared secrets to be generated to seed the encryption process with unique keying material only known to the endpoints. Information is further protected through signing and authentication mechanisms to assure the validity of the data in transit. etherFAX is currently the only fax service provider to offer ECIES encryption to subscribers through its APIs.

Fernando Cuco, Business Development Manager at LANE Data Solutions

“Through the partnership with etherFAX, we have steadily developed our cloud messaging services and now provide customers with the most secure and reliable method of document delivery in the industry,” said Fernando Cuco, Business Development Manager at LANE Data Solutions. “With the etherFAX Rest API, LANE offers a fully featured service that is unlike any other. We’re particularly pleased with the end-to-end encryption that SENx provides, as security is critical for our customers operating within healthcare and financial services sectors.”

Quinn Corey, Director of Sales at etherFAX

The etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN) is the world’s largest fax network, leveraging advanced encryption and hybrid cloud technology to provide 100 percent secure communications. etherFAX SEN is HIPAA compliant and enables healthcare organizations to securely send and receive sensitive and unstructured data. Supporting every major fax server, application and fax-enabled device, etherFAX has more connected endpoints providing end-to-end encryption than any other service.

“Our partnership with LANE has allowed us to expand the etherFAX ecosystem and deliver fast, reliable, and secure document delivery to LANE’s global customers within financial, healthcare, and government industries,” said Quinn Corey, Director of Sales at etherFAX. “We’re very happy that LANE’s customers are satisfied with the etherFAX network and we look forward to continued success.”

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