New TMC MSP/Channel Partner Sales Acceleration Program

TMC Announces Enterprise Sales Acceleration Development & Certification Program

New Executive Leadership in Sales Management Performance

Please join us at ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW Feb 11-14, 2020, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for this exciting new event which takes place Feb 11!

For more than two decades, TMC has provided education, industry news, live events and social influence, as global buyers rely on TMC’s content-driven marketplaces to make purchase decisions and navigate markets. As a result, leading technology vendors turn to TMC for unparalleled industry knowledge and thought leadership.  “For more than a decade there has been growing pressure in an increasingly competitive marketplace on businesses of all sizes and solutions to accelerate business revenues at lower costs and gain new customers while also moving up market, expand into new marketing while struggling to retain customers,” noted Rich Tehrani CEO TMC.  Adding to the complexity of digital transformation, SD-WAN, IoT, AI, cloud much less what else is coming such as 5G, quantum computing, business simulations, augmented/virtual reality and much more, it will take more than just a one-call close as customers don’t buy what they don’t understand nor risk their business on a silo solutions. “By adding this Enterprise Sales Acceleration Program and Certification Program, we can help guide companies who face these and other complex issues,” Tehrani noted. This Professional sales development and certification is the result of decades of enterprise sales experience with award-winning and “highest scores ever” sales leaders with proven sales results for startups to Fortune 500 companies.  “We believe this program and follow-on courses will achieve greater performance for our advertisers and exhibitors, I look forward to see you at our Super Event with ITEXPO, MSPExpo, AIOops Expo and all the others in Fort Lauderdale, February 12-14,” Tehrani added. For more on these events go here.

Take Action Today to Accelerate Your Entire Team and Channel – Get the Complete Comprehensive Enterprise Sales Manager Acceleration and Certification Program

This is a proven sales revenue acceleration program delivered to thousands of B2B sales professionals that:  

  • Reduces sales cycle
  • Increases competitive edge
  • Reduces staff turmoil and turnover
  • Produces higher margins
  • Provides improved sales leadership
  • Is designed for Small, Medium, Major, Channel and Enterprise Markets
  • Addresses UC, Collaboration, IT, VAR, MSP, Cloud, SD-WAN, AI, Security, IoT, other providers and channel partners
  • Presents enterprise solutions selling scenarios.
  • Understands what customers especially enterprise business customers are looking for and expect from a provider of integrated applications solutions and networking services.
  • Understands what the customer situations are, success factors and solutions in making the sale and how you can make a difference in your prospective and ongoing customer relations.
  • And, most importantly, maximizes the confidence-to-close factor and the customer gain-retain ratio.

Here are titles for each session in the Enterprise Sales Acceleration & Certification Program:


#1 Top-10 Enterprise Sales Professional Personal Criteria – MSP, UC, Collaboration, AI, etc.
#2 Top-10 Enterprise Opportunities for UC, Collaboration Cloud, SD-WAN, AI, New Tech
#3 Top-20 Enterprise Customer Types
#4 Top-10 Topics for Enterprise Sales Meeting/Presentation 
#5 Top-10 Enterprise Proposal Guide
#6 Top-10 Enterprise Business Issues
#7 Top-10 Enterprise Technical Issues
#8 Top-10 Enterprise Network Management Issues
#9 Questions, Understanding, Evaluating, Systems-Support and Teaching
#10 Customer Phases – Assessment, Analysis, Selection & Implementation
#11 Role Play – Customer Case Studies – Mortgage, Newspaper & Manufacturing
#12 Sales Manager Development for First Time, Team Turn Around and Accelerate Growth
#13 Certification Testing
#14 Optional Ongoing “Personal Trainer” Coaching Service and App


  • Delivered in one, two, three- or four-day sessions from professionals with the “highest scores ever” and “award-winning” evaluations and multi-decades of experience and a satisfaction guarantee of a win-win experience.   In addition, knowledge is delivered with a goal of a high knowledge gain-retain customer approach.  This course is ideally delivered live and onsite; however, it can be delivered in short-class webinar format.
  • Sales leadership can select all Sessions or any Session “by the slice” option for delivery including keynote or sales meeting presentation format.

More information and registration.


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