Vonage Adds Sendinblue E-mail to Nexmo API Offering

Vonage has partnered with Sendinblue, a leading provider of cloud-based email marketing and marketing automation technology and now, Nexmo is the sole SMS provider for Sendinblue, powering the millions of SMS messages generated by Sendinblue’s customers across the globe each month.

Through the partnership, Vonage is expanding its API portfolio to include email capabilities, strengthening its position as an all-in-one platform for programmable business communications. With Nexmo APIs, businesses can extend their reach and communicate with customers on their preferred channels — email, SMS, OTT, chat, video, voice and more.

“Email remains an important communications channel. Our partnership with Sendinblue is an exciting collaboration, as it bolsters the number of communications channels Vonage offers to businesses, helping them to enhance customer engagement and drive deeper relationships,” said Eric Le Guiniec, SVP Global Sales for Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform. “We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship and integration with Sendinblue, innovating on the shared platform to produce additional benefits and capabilities to businesses in the future.”

“This is a new step for Sendinblue. We are incredibly pleased to join Nexmo in a strategic alliance in messaging that finally offers an alternative to transactional messaging solutions,” said Armand Thieberge, CEO and co-founder of Sendinblue. “Our partnership will help companies worldwide with the most efficient digital marketing tools while accelerating Sendinblue’s grwth on the global market.”

Sendinblue helps companies grow through marketing and sales tools compatible with GDPR, including customer relationship management (CRM) software, Facebook ads, retargeting display ads, live chat and collaborative mailboxes for teams, while staying on budget and receiving support in their language.

“Customer engagement in today’s hyper-connected world has expanded beyond voice, video and social to include marketing, sales, service and other domains. To meet the expectations of today’s consumers, businesses must build connections between all of these capabilities; this requires both technological innovation and a rethinking of how business processes are structured,” said Raul Castanon-Martinez, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. “A partnership with Sendinblue complements Vonage’s portfolio, layering email into other channels within the same platform to provide a comprehensive toolkit for customer engagement.”

Sendinblue’s platform serves 160 countries and sends 40 million emails daily and 5 million SMS messages monthly. Through this partnership, Nexmo is harnessing the Sendinblue email platform to provide businesses with the power to implement highly reliable, scalable and programmable capabilities to support email marketing campaigns and allow more direct communication with customers for urgent messages or time-sensitive offers.

This partnership is exciting for businesses looking integrate e-mail with other forms of communications. E-mails can now be more customized, better-looking thanks to a drag-and-drop campaign editor and have higher delivery rates as a result.

It is a well-designed partnership for both players as it leverages the SMS traffic of Sendinblue and the email traffic of Vonage and allows both to benefit as a result.

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