Streamago: The Hottest Video Streaming App You Don’t Know

Streaming has been all the rage for a few years now… Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live are just a few of the services that have made a splash recently. Blab.IM (see below) made some noise for a while – it differentiated by allowing multiple people to stream simultaneously – like the talking heads we see on the news. recently got a massive funding round of $100 million– its s service which allows you to make and stream music videos, staring yourself and friends.

Streamago is one of the newer companies on the scene – it’s growing amazingly fast and isn’t necessarily a new concept – but its executed very well.

People sign in to the service after downloading the app and start streaming and interacting with others. Daniele Calabrese, CEO of the company told me the service just reached 1.1 million registered users. That’s in three months mind you. 800,000 users are active monthly and 200,000 are active daily. As I checked the app myself this morning, indeed, over a hundred new streams appeared instantly (see the second pic below the article to see for yourself).

He thinks of the service as Skype and Google Hangouts on steroids – some people go live, some want to communicate with others- it’s becoming a new way to communicate.

Other interesting facts – the demographic is very young, 90% between 19 and 24. Over 20% of users go live daily, 50% go live more than five times per day and 4% go live more than 15 times per day.

I asked about monetization and he told me they are focusing on growing the user base and community for now. They are however looking at adding product placements, brand placements in the live video as well as selling data. What sort of data you ask? Good question… They are applying machine learning and AI to see what is being discusses in videos – based on networks, etc. Based on this data, they are building trend models which can be useful to marketers for example.

In terms of user growth, they add just under 500,000 users per month. Daniele thinks they can perhaps triple that if they were to be featured in app stores. He’s looking to grow the company to 5 million and then 10 million users. More good news, the company has seen insane growth but 90% of users are in just eight countries including the US. In other words, lots of room to get into new countries. He pointed out that research says that by 2019, a billion people or so are expected to be live-streaming – based on that number, the potential for growth seems near-limitless.

Hat tip to me… I do get predictions wrong – but in 2009, I predicted video streaming was the future of communications… If only I had created an app. eye-rolling

Some recent pics from the Streamago app

steamago (1).PNG

steamago (2).PNG 

steamago (3).PNG

steamago (4).PNG

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