Communications and Technology Podcast July 29 2005

There is nothing like the collaboration on a podcast. Our most recent communications and technology podcast was full of it. Collaboration that is 😉  Here are some of the topics we discussed this week. Not really in this order but this is a good overview. Oh and by the way we had Aculab’s “Voice of IP” David Duffet on the call. He always does a great job and is quite a natural at this Podcasting thing.

1. VoIP Developer show

2. Senator Ensign Telecom bill rewrite

U.S. Sen. John Ensign Releases Telecom Act Rewrite

Ensign’s Telecom Bill Protects VoIP but Also Monopolies

Industry Reactions to Ensign Bill Mixed

3. Cisco Security flaw

Cisco Seeks to Quiet Software Flaw Talk

Cisco, Security Researcher Settle Dispute

4. Video game news

Secret sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto

Gamemaker Sued Over Hidden Sex in GTA

Australia revokes classification for ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ computer game

Nancy Drew mystery game
Nancy Drew Computer Game: Probably Not a First-Person Shooter

Tracey’s article: How to market video games to women?
Why Won’t Broads Buy Our Products?

5. Bicycle VoIP

Inveneo to Demo Bicycle-Powered VoIP at VoIP Developer Event

6. FCC Extension of 911 Deadline

FCC Offers VoIP Providers Extra Time on E911

7. Russian Spammer Murdered

Russian Spam King’s Can Gets Stamped

8. TV Guide on VoIP

TV Guide Forays into VoIP

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