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Some years back — I cant recall — perhaps it was 1998 or 99, I am not sure exactly when — I got a call from Joe Jackson at Alliance Systems who thought Rich Zippy Grigonis would be a good fit for TMC. Rich was working on Computer Telephony Magazine at the time.

We had a meeting about hiring Rich but somehow didn’t close the loop. We had a delicious steak dinner as I recall. Then a while later we had another meeting with Zippy and Marc Robins about hiring Rich. Again, somehow it didn’t work out. This time it was lunch and I don’t recall the food being as good.

Sometimes things just work and you aren’t sure why. For whatever reason the talks never got serious.

Then more recently, Rich dropped us a line and said he was looking for a career change.

As you probably know TMCnet is growing nicely and has become the defacto destination for communications news. The world’s largest community of communications decision-makers rely on TMCnet as a primary resource.

Most of you know TMCnet is ranked in the top 1,650 sites in the world by Alexa (a division of Amazon) and there is no competitor anywhere near us. We are quite proud of this accomplishment but aren’t resting on our laurels.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who choose TMCnet as their primary resource. And hats off to the TMCnet editorial, graphics and development teams for making the site so successful.

Greg Galitzine who started his career at TMC on CTI Magazine later launched the world’s first magazine on IP Communications — Internet Telephony. This was back in 1997. He has done a great job and is an industry icon.

We thought and Greg agreed that a move to Group Editorial Director of TMC made sense and as such Greg will have a major hand in managing the website and we expect him to take TMCnet to the next level.

To that end, we had an editorial opportunity available and Richard Grigonis was the right person at the right time. He will also be known as Zippy once again — a name he hadn’t been using as much recently. As they say, the third time is a charm. Here are more details about Zippy joining TMC.

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    October 26, 2006 at 7:03 pm


    As Zippy says quite well in this article, "Normally, when a new company makes its debut, Yours Truly will cross his fingers and wish good luck upon the company’s uncertain future. That won’t be necessary with Aricent, which comes out…

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