Off to Channel Partners

I am off to the Channel Partners event today in DC. I have never been there and have no clue what to expect. I am on the Acela Express train now. I was running late this morning and some WiFi problems at home slowed me down a bit. I thought I might miss the train. Thankfully the train was 10 minutes late or so and unlike last trip, power is restored. One of the conductors told me that one of the cars was smoking last week and he doesn’t know the cause. I asked him to promise me it wasn’t my car. I then suggested it was probably just a bad Dell laptop battery.

I have a good EVDO connection so I hope to catch up on e-mail and perhaps write an article. Let’s see where this trip and my mood take me today. The weather is pretty gloomy in Connecticut and I hope it is better in DC. I haven’t bothered to check any weather sites because it really isn’t so important to me. It is not like I am going to a ball game. I probably won’t be outside for more than 20 minutes total today. Hope you are having a spectacular day, whatever you are doing.

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