Supercomm Happenings

I would love to have you come hear me speak at SuperComm Monday and even if you can’t make the session, stop by our Supercomm party on Tuesday night. Please RSVP. We expect to max the venue. So far we have a good deal of vendors, service providers, press and analysts signed up to attend.

I have only been to the Sears Tower once and remember having to take multiple elevators to get to the floor I needed to go to. Chicago is a great city but when I was at the tower most recently it was freezing out and ice was falling off the building. They had to rope off the sidewalk to minimize ice hitting pedestrians! Thankfully the weather should be milder next week and hopefully the views of the city will be as incredible as I hear they are.

Remember we will have a photographer there and a few of the Lovabulls to take photos with.

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