Tadiran America

Tadiran America is a company that always had great technology but was pretty quiet in the last few years. I expect to see this company become a bigger threat to the PBX establishment in the near future. Company execs tell me they will be aiming to go from 3% to 5% market share in the US. Perhaps higher. They have a new and very flexible, networkable softswitch which is currently codenamed Red Sea. The switch will have all the features, functions and everything else the company’s famous Coral IPx has – including the ability to be used in multiple countries and at the same time has an IP core and WiFi upgradeability. Expect to see more on this product later – it still doesn’t have an official moniker.

One of the nice features about their current product line is the ability to be notified by an SMS message when a voicemail is left. Why every PBX doesn’t have this capability is beyond me.

What I like about this company is the fact that they have always focused on technology. They plan on using this technology to leapfrog competitors now. They were previously locked into an exclusive OEM arrangement with Sprint but that is over now so they are able to tell their story directly to enterprise customers.

We all know that great technology PBX technology is nice but it is a strong marketing plan coupled with great distribution that enables companies to grow and thrive. I am looking forward to seeing how the company executes in the next few years. If you are a reseller looking to make money selling a PBX line be sure to come to ITEXPO in LA in few weeks and meet with Tadiran America live.

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