Videos of VoIP Developer

I have a few videos of TMC’s VoIP Developer event. This is the hallway outside just on of our sessions while another session not on video is standing room only and yet another session is moderately full. The break is taking place right now and you can’t even get into the area to make more photos. A real madhouse I tell you.

TMC’s VoIP Developer Conference Video 1
TMC’s VoIP Developer Conference Video 2

  • Al Bredenberg VoIP & CRM Blog
    August 2, 2005 at 5:32 pm

    VoIP Developer Show Packed Out in San Francisco

    Reports on attendance at TMC’s VoIP Developer Conference, which opened this afternoon in San Francisco, give an idea of the intense interest in the technologies, strategies and tools for developing IP communications. According to reports, communication…

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