Vonage in Bermuda

On my flight today I was crammed in against the window for few hours and as I pecked at my laptop keyboard the person next to me kept looking over. I just figured he was a competitor so I made some fictitious spreadsheets to throw him off. Seriously though at the end of the flight he asked me if I work in the VoIP market and when I said yes he couldn’t stop talking about Vonage. He asked me if it was a good service. I told him it was and he was so happy to hear me help justify his purchasing decision. He is located in Bermuda and I have no idea how he heard of Vonage except perhaps the extensive Internet ads the company is running. I didn’t even have the energy to get into the E911 discussion with him.

When we talk about how many customers Vonage has how many of us take into account how many people are signing up internationally? We all assume Vonage has to focus on a country to make sales in it. This is obviously not the case and their first mover advantage carries significant momentum.

What fascinates me daily is why AT&T isn’t doing more. By the time SBC figures out what to do with CallVantage, Vonage will be a household name worldwide.

That is assuming Google doesn’t somehow obsolete Vonage in the foreseeable future.

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