Why Come To The VoIP Developer Conference?

We are in the golden age of VoIP where communications products and services allow us to communicate with one another like never before. The world has rapidly embraced the fact that VoIP allows less expensive calls and superior services to the PSTN.

The next phase of IP Telephony will be vastly superior to what we use today enabling us to be more productive and efficient and communicate more effectively and even less expensively.

Enabling this leap in productivity and functionality is Voice over IP.

Last year TMC launched the world’s first VoIP Developer Conference because we saw a demand for a centralized location for developers and those with tools to enable this development to come together, partner and come up with tomorrow’s solutions, today.

Now, one year later this show’s pre-registration numbers have quadrupled and the excitement level among developers and those companies who provide the infrastructure for this development has never been greater.

Over 1,000 people from around the globe will come to San Francisco this week to learn and share with one another how to develop the world’s best and most compelling VoIP applications, devices and services.

If you want to know what the VoIP market will be up to in 12 months or more, come to TMC’s VoIP Developer Conference to see the pieces coming together well in advance.

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