HP Says Goodbye to iPOD

The BBC reports that while Carly Fiorina supported the idea of reselling Apple’s iPOD, the new CEO Mark Hurd doesn’t necessarily agree.

"HP has decided that reselling iPods does not fit within the company’s current digital entertainment strategy," said an Apple spokeswoman.

I thought working with Apple early on was a smart move so I am confused by the pull-back. Riding on Apple’s coattails is genius.

HP was responsible for selling 5% of iPods which seems like a significant number. I hope to ask Carly Fiorina what she thinks of this new direction at TMC’s Internet Telephony Conference & Expo later this year.

I am really excited to hear her speak and get her views on the VoIP market and technology in general.

Trade show keynoters usually have an axe to grind – they work somewhere and are pushing something… A product, a company, something. Even those people in the public sector that speak are looking to gain favor with those who might employ them when they leave office.

Interestingly Carly and Michael Powell, two of our major speakers are both sort of free agents at the moment meaning at least as far as I know they will be free to speak their minds on many topics.

This is unusual for a trade show. TMC has been putting on telecom shows since 1986 and I don’t recall too many times when you get a keynoter who has no reason to be biased at all yet is at such a high level in industry that they have a truly compelling message.

I wish the show was sooner but we’ll have to wait for the show October 24-27, 2005 in Los Angeles.

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