CTIA Day Two

I am here at CTIA Wireless and yesterday the show was quite busy. I saw many different things and I didn’t really spend too much time on gadgety things. What I have found is that mobile carriers are slow to adopt new technology. For example, IP Unity/Glenayre has had an application for over a year allowing mobile operators to send video clips to subscribers via voicemail and when the subscriber views this video they are able to purchase it. The beautiful thing is when they are in voicemail they are authenticated. Every mobile provider and even other service providers should be using such technology to boost revenue.
Perhaps the biggest frustration for me at events is when I see technology that seems to be things service providers need to make money but many times providers just don’t move as fast as I would like. Perhaps WiMAX providers and other wireless carriers based on WiFi will be the competition the wireless industry needs to move faster and experiment with various methods to generate more revenue.

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