Does Mobile Computing Save Time

After reading Andy’s war story and recalling past problems with mobile devices I get to wondering if we as productive as we think. Sure handheld e-mail devices such the Blackberry are great for straight text but power users often get screwed because we push the limits.

Having too many contacts, too many e-mails, too much software, opening attachments, etc just kills these units. Worse yet, the service for Blackberry Server as provided by service providers is not so great. Andy I have fewer server integration issues with my XV6700 but I have to reboot it a few times a day due to slow performance and headset sync issues. I am still patiently awaiting the iPod version of the mobile e-mail device that hopefully just works without the need for so much tech support. In the mean time if you are a light mobile computing user you are likely more productive but I wonder about us power users. Sometimes pen and paper begins to look enticing.

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